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Become a Vendor

Gun Trader Shows is always looking for dealers and vendors with quality products to sell at our shows. At the same time, we should tell you that we're a little particular when it comes to vetting who we rent tables to. This is no accident, it is completely intentional. We only want those with products that are complementary to the firearms enthusiasts that visit our shows. In doing so, everyone experiences a better income potential for their efforts.

We are looking for the obvious FFL Dealers, Manufacturers, and collectors as well as vendors whose product lines cater to the new to ardent firearms enthusiast be they hunters, target shooters, or collectors themselves. Allowances may be made periodically for the top-of-the-line jerky vendor, but this will remain an exception to the rule. We will also limit the number of similar accessory items such as concealed carry and range bag type vendors we allow into the show at any one time at our discretion.

If you have believe you would be a good fit for our show, we invite you to apply for table space by clicking the reserve a table link below.

Table Reservations